Full Circle with Garland

006 // Osayamen Bartholomew // Taking Chances

October 28, 2020 Garland Fuller Episode 6
Full Circle with Garland
006 // Osayamen Bartholomew // Taking Chances
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Welcome to Full Circle with Garland!

On Episode 006, Garland interviews Osayamen Bartholomew, Chief Program Officer of The Real Estate Associate Program (REAP)

Highlights of Episode 006:

  1. Upbringing - 2:00
  2. Living abroad and coming back - 4:10
  3. Getting her start in Marketing - 07:43
  4. The Consummate Networker - 14:37
  5. The Art of Pivoting 17:11
  6. Project REAP - 20:50
  7. Upcoming partnerships - 25:42
  8. Leadership roles in industry boards - 27:21
  9. What’s next for Osa - 30:00
  10. Inclusion in my industry looks like - 33:00
  11. Full Circle - 33:15

Osayamen Asemota-Bartholomew is a marketing and communications professional with over ten years of multi-industry experience in the Commercial Real Estate, Non-Profit Education and Entertainment Industries. Born in New York City and raised in both Brooklyn, NY and Lagos, Nigeria, to Nigerian and Dominican parents, she grew up with a love for education, entertainment and economic empowerment. Osa is founder of The Gift Agency LLC, an event marketing company, and has held leadership roles in various industries, including currently serving as Chief Program Officer for The Real Estate Associate program, the largest talent management diversity initiative in commercial real estate industry. Her responsibilities include leading all operational functions, communications, alumni engagement and diversity talent placement in nine cities across the country. She has a track record for achieving revenue growth, building cohesive teams, and managing time-sensitive projects with limited budgets.

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Living abroad and coming back
Getting her start in marketing
The consummate networker
The art of pivoting
Project REAP
Upcoming partnerships
Leadership roles on industry boards
What’s next for Osa
Inclusion in my industry looks like
Full Circle