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014 // Minda Harts // The Memo

December 23, 2020 Garland Fuller Episode 14
Full Circle with Garland
014 // Minda Harts // The Memo
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On Episode 014, Garland interviews Minda Harts,  best selling author and founder of The Memo, LLC

Highlights of Episode 014:

  • Minda Introduction - 01:51
  • Early years of Minda - 04:28
  • Being the only - 08:18
  • Call me by my name - 11:07
  • “Is this your hair?” - 13:50
  • How to be better allies - 18:40
  • What Minda’s hearing in 2020 - 12:20
  • What’s next for Minda? - 25:30
  • Inclusion drives my work 27:27
  • Full Circle - 27:35
  • Garland’s afterthoughts - 29:25

Minda Harts is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service of NYU’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and the founder of The Memo LLC, a career development company for women of color. Secure The Seat is her weekly career podcast for women of color. Minda has been a featured speaker at American Express, Nike, Levi's, Twitch, Amazon, Google, SAP, Linkedin, SXSW, Universities and Colleges, and various Corporations. Minda has also been featured on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Time Magazine, and Essence Magazine.

Minda is the award-winning and best-selling author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need To Know To Secure A Seat At The Table with Hachette Book Group; Seal Press (Available anywhere). Minda is working on two new books, the release dates are 2021 and 2022.

Minda was named the #1 Top Voice on Linkedin for Equity in the Workplace in 2020. And named one of the top 40 Women Public Speakers by Real Leaders
(Source: Linkedin.com/in/mindaharts)

Connect with Minda:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mindaharts/
Web: https://www.mindaharts.com/
NYU: https://wagner.nyu.edu/community/faculty/minda-harts

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Minda Introduction
Early years of Minda
Being the only
Call me by my name
“Is this your hair?”
How to be better allies
What Minda’s hearing in 2020
What’s next for Minda?
Inclusion drives my work
Full Circle
Garland’s afterthoughts