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026 // Lydia Monroy // Time, Treasure, Talent

April 14, 2021 Garland Fuller Episode 26
Full Circle with Garland
026 // Lydia Monroy // Time, Treasure, Talent
Show Notes

On Episode 26, Garland interviews Lydia Monroy, Co-Founder and Principal of Pearl Equity Partners

Episode 26 Highlights:

  • Lydia Introduction - 0:45
  • Destination: Yale - 4:40
  • “Go make some money” - 10:00
  • Primed to be an Entrepreneur 16:30
  • Starting small - 20:20
  • Balancing Act - 24:50
  • Venturing on her own - 28:12
  • Lydia’s Tips - 36:00
  • Time, Treasure, Talent - 39:56
  • Inclusion Drive my Work - 41:56
  • Garland’s Afterthoughts - 47:21

About Lydia
Lydia Monroy is responsible for acquisitions, due diligence, fundraising, asset management and the operations at Pearl Equity Partners.

Prior to co-founding, Pearl Equity Partners, she was the Managing Director of Benedict Canyon Equities, a private equity real estate firm focused on the acquisitions of value-add multifamily assets in the Western, U.S. She was responsible for the operations of the firm, including transaction oversight, investment analysis and strategy, investor relations and reporting.

In the 6 years she worked for BCE, she grew the company platform with the acquisition of 58 properties valued at $1.5 billion. In addition, she was responsible for the disposition of 46 assets valued at $740 million and the refinance of 30 assets valued at $366 million.

Lydia received a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Business.

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